Would you like to save 97 days of clinicians' time each year?

Last year we supported a first-of-type EPS (Electronic Prescription Service) implementation to a Community and Mental Health NHS Trust which enables easy electronic prescriptions to patients' chosen pharmacies.

EPS gives clinicians an instant prescribing solution without the need for any systems integration. It can be used throughout for all outpatient secondary care, primary care, and community healthcare settings. EPS can be differentiated from ePMA (Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration) as the latter is more commonly utilised within, (but not exclusively) specialist inpatient secondary care settings, and can require systems integration (e.g. to a patient’s NHS number).

After a successful pilot phase, it underwent a 6-phase deployment and was nominated for three health tech awards. A study after the 45-day pilot deployment showed:


  • Cost savings of £2,500 on stationery and postage.
  • Prevented around 7,000 miles of travel.
  • Clinicians avoided 15 days of travel time.


Key Benefits Realised:


  • Improved sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Increased patient safety and clinician time allocation.
  • Elimination of prescribing errors.
  • Enhanced prescription security and tracking.
  • Improved patient experience


With this EPS deployed to all sites across the trust it is expected to result in an annual saving of approximately 97 days worth of clinicians' time.


Patient opinion:
“So happy with this new service, I don’t drive so I would have to take a taxi to collect my prescription which was very costly, so having it sent straight to the pharmacy is going to save me money” 


This first-of-type implementation is just one of the numerous digital initiatives that Penpole has collaborated with the Trust, to elevate its digital capabilities and enhance patient care. 


References: https://www.cleosystems.com/media/bhtlnlqc/mpft-eps-case-study-sept-2022.pdf