PMO Teams: The Nerve System of Project Success!

PMO Teams are crucial to project success

Here are four ways in which our PMO contracotrs have improved processes for our NHS clients on there digital transformation journeys...

  1. Centralised Documentation: Set up of the Cora system which has streamlimed project data, from weekly HLRs to month-end documentation. By centralising and allowing easy access to all key reports, milestones and lessons learned, this has freed up a vast amount of time for senior Project and Programme Managers
  2. Meeting Efficiency: Introducing templates for meeting bookings, our PMO contractors ahev enhanced time efficiency, allowing the focus to be on driving project progress
  3. Proactive Action Management: By adding follow-up dates to RAID logs, our PMO contractors ensure prompt action on identified risks, issues and dependencies, keeping the project on track
  4. Continuous Improvement: Frequently evaluating all current governance and processes to have continuous improvement, elevating project delivery and standards