Can our nurses see more patients every day?

Last year we supported the deployment of the Rio Mobilise app (a.k.a. Totalmobile) across a Community and Mental Health NHS Trust. This app efficiently manages patient records, appointment scheduling, and assessment forms in community healthcare settings, allowing staff to complete their work from any location and at any time.



Here are some of the benefits from the implementation:



  • EFFICIENCY. This introduced capability to record and access patient notes at the point of care. Meaning more patient visits every day.
  • EASE OF USE.  Record patient information quickly and easily, on forms designed for mobile devices.
  • PATIENT ASSURANCE. Nurses can send referrals and equipment orders while staff are with patients, reassuring them that they are receiving the necessary care.


What has this meant specifically for our client?   


  • An increase in 165 patient visits per Nurse per year
  • A reduction of 8% in mileage claim costs
  • A reduction of 35% in priting costs
  • A decrease in staff office visits by 15%


This significant advancement represents just one of the many digital projects the Penpole has undertaken in partnership with this Trust to enhance its digital maturity and improve its patient care.